What is this event?

Something goes here.

Who’s it for?⁣⁣

This event is for creatives of all ages and designers of all disciplines who are serious about their craft and want to sharpen their skills, learn how others work and develop in-person relationships with a larger community of creators from all over the country.

Why should I attend?⁣⁣

Inspiration, skill growth and community IRL. Need to convince your boss? We’ve got you covered.

Where should I stay?

Our friends at SpringHill Suites have provided conference attendees with a solid group rate. Book your room today. Discount is subject to availability.

Are you going to release discounted tickets?

Unfortunately we are unable to discount our conference experience this year…

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes, all attendees, speakers, instructors and sponsors are expected to follow our code of conduct.

What’s the refund policy?

Conference passes are refunded up to 30 days prior to the event (Sept 3, 2019).


Convince Your Boss

In an ideal world, conferences would be free and teleportation would exist. But they’re not (and it doesn’t), so you might want to look to your employer for help making your way here. If you work at a company or an agency, use the following points to craft your pitch to come to Creative Works. It’s a worthwhile investment that can truly impact your work and your career.


I’ll learn new skills from industry experts.

Creative Works brings in top talent to teach hands-on workshops for relevant skills like design systems and app prototyping. I have the opportunity to select two 3-hour workshops to make the most of my time at the conference.

I’ll have renewed energy and passion for my work.

At the core of the conference, 18 world-class creatives give talks about their processes, their work, their successes, and their failures. It’s inspiring to see that amount of talent and insight in one place, and I know it will give me a boost of confidence and energy.

I’ll come back with new trends, ideas, techniques, and best practices.

Some of the most valuable takeaways are seeing how other designers and creatives approach projects and solve problems. I’ll learn about tools, workflows, and processes that I can put to good use in my work here.

Are you a Memphian? Remind your employer they don’t even have to pay for travel or accommodations, which can often be the most expensive part of going to a conference.