HANDS-ON sessions

This year also brings 8 hands-on sessions led by top creatives from around the country on topics including branding, illustration, lettering, design systems, application design, and more. Workshops are open only to conference attendees and are limited in attendance.





The Fundamentals of Script Lettering

Adé Hogue, Art Director, Designer & Letterer

Learn the basics of traditional script lettering through a series of hands-on demonstrations and exercises. Once you’ve covered the basics, Adé will show you ways in which you can modify any type specimen, take inspiration and create something truly unique for any occasion. Participants will walk away with a fully custom one to two-word lettering sketch of your own!


Systems Thinking for Designers

Mina Markham and Amélie Lamont

What do scientists, government workers, engineers, and artists have in common? Systems. But how and why do they think in systems? And how does that relate to and help your design practice? Learn how to design more efficiently and consistantly using design systems and how to apply systems thinking to your design workflow.


Illustration from Head to Toe

Becky Simpson, Designer & Illustrator

Learn why illustration matters and go over drawing techniques, (zero pressure) exercises, creative prompts, talk art supplies, pro tips and even touch on how to digitize your analog art. The goal? To equip you with the tools to start and finish your ideas through illustration, and further expand your arsenal for creative expression.


Paper. Light. Action. Yay!

Alicja Colon, Paper Illustrator & Photographer

Learn how to extend your creativity through exploration, curiosity, play and paper craft. Alongside Alicja, participants will create a paper craft while learning paper craft skills and techniques, the 4 inherent qualities of light and how to modify them, and how best to photograph your craft. All materials provided.


SatURDAY @ 9Am


The Joy of Brush Lettering LIVE

Kayla Fritz & Hannah Epelbaum , Partners at Good Snake

Gain a new perspective on how design can promote accessibility for users while painting letters by hand. No design or painting experience is necessary to take part in this workshop, just be ready to have a great time, get a little messy, and learn how old school methods used in traditional sign painting remain just as relevant in today's design landscape.


App Design and Prototyping WITH FIGMA

Rogie King, Senior Product Designer at Dribbble

Learn how to design and prototype an application user interface using the collaborative interface design tool: Figma. Participants will create a library of reusable components (colors, text styles, grids, buttons, form fields, etc.) to create a cohesive mini design system and demo their application’s user experience using built in prototyping tools.



Maggie Enterrios, Illustrator

Learn how professional illustrators use the Procreate app and unlock techniques that make drawing on an iPad Pro feel as natural as drawing by hand. Participants will better understand the fundamental basics of illustration, interface tricks, workflow optimization, and gain comfort creating dynamic digital artwork by hand.


Sign Language

Michael Carpenter, Founder & CD at Loaded for Bear

Learn the ins and outs of interior and exterior signage. Participants will study all aspects of the process from reading and understanding signage guidelines, the initial design process, permitting, material selections, fabrication and installation options, working with other trades, and integrating a brand into a space in engaging ways.